Basket (video). Pau 3×3 delays the Open Plus of Limoges

A course perfect in the phase of chickens, a quarter and a third mastered, before a suspenseful final: for his first tournament in 2022, Pau 3×3 managed a pretty winning streak, Saturday, June 10, the Open Plus 3×3 in Limoges face in Poitiers (21-18).

This victory allows Pau 3×3 to take a step towards the Open of France, which will take place in Reims this July. But before that, there will be the Open Plus de Pau, at the Tissie Stadium, on the weekend of June 25 and 26 where the paloise formation will defend its title acquired last season.

Alongside the hopes of Elan Dorian Okemba, Ottoman Guillaume Valayer (Mulhouse, N1) and Landais Thomas Descorps (Horsarrieu, N2), the team included for the first time Ukrainian international Denis Noskov ( Tarbes-Lourdes, N1).

In the girls, Pau 3×3 chipped in nothing in the semi-finals against Limoges. Note that both teams received the combat prize at Noskov the MVP trophy.

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