Basket. The USLG Cherbourg-en-Cotentin announces the arrival of a third recruiting!

Amance Kerbaul is the third recruit announced by the USLG for next season.

After the interior Justine Barthélémy (29, Seaux) and her husband Coralie Cadario (24, Monaco), theUSLG Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Manche) an annoncé on June 13, 2022 the name ofa third recruiting in view of next season. This is the young Amance Kerbaulage of 18 years.

This maneuse comes out CSP Nantes Basket training center and evolved with the hope team in National 2. She will complete the rotation in 1st place, behind incumbent Coralie Cadario. After the departures of Yvanna Enjolvy and Astrid Benedettithe direction of the game of the USLG is therefore approaching to completely change hands.

An American on the move

Guest of the show Le Kop France Bleu Cotentin on the evening of this Monday, June 13, at new ice coach Johann Beauné mentioned the recruitment operated by the club.

“Justine Barthélémy has a work ethic and a personality that matches what I want to put in place. She has high -level experience. There is a 4 position, which 5 can be played as well. She will bring her energy, her defense, her passing game, her good hands. »

Johann Beauné

The technician then described Coralie Cadario. «Elle on a playmaker profile, she likes to make others play. But she is also capable of take responsibilities. Johann Beauné is also confident that an Americandon’t “profile has been determined”, then sign up soon.

Interrogated on the team’s goals next seasonthe coach announced he wanted to “Clash the playoffs in the first place”. Not to forget to make room for the young players of the club, a mission that the former head of the La Roche-sur-Yon training center appreciates. “We have to succeed in integrating young people who come out of structures, it’s important to have players of the faith, for the identity, for the public. »

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