Basket. The Asvel woman recruited American Blake Dietrick

While waiting for the signings of French internationals Gaby Williams (Strong Aider, Sopron) and Sandrine Gruda (Pivot, Schio) and Spanish International Aiser Laura Quevedo (Madrid Students), as announced in our edition this Monday 13 June, the lyon club has announced the recruitment of the man (28 years old, 1.78m) who is coming to the italian championship.

The 3×3 US international, who won the America Cup with Cierra Burdick last November, developed this season in Italy in Lucques (Lucca), 4th of the regular season and beaten in the quarterfinals of the playoffs, where she a turn at 15.4 points at 48.5 % (40.1 % at 3 pts), 6 rebounds and 7.1 passes for 19.8 evaluations in 26 regular season matches.

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De l’experience in Europe and in the WNBA

Born in Wellesley (Massachusetts), where she will be the best marker in college history (1440 points), mixed boys and girls, she had also been noted in other sports, cross-country and crossover, before to join Princeton University.
Before Lucca, Blake Dietrick (28 years old, 1.78m) has evolved in Orvieto (Italy, 2015-2016), Australia (2016-2017), Dafni (Greece, 2017-2018) and Spain in Gernika from 2018 2020.
She also counts 81 WNBA matches (including 4 play-offs) with the San Antonio franchises (1 in 2016), Seattle Storm (2 in 2016, 18 in 2019), where she sided with former Lyonnaise Alysha Clark and Atlanta Dream (29 in 2018, 22 in 2020 and 9 in 2021).

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