Basket. Non-retired parcels, Basile Grégorieff takes orders from US Equeurdreville!

Basile Grégorieff takes the succession of his father Serge on the bank of the US Equeurdreville, even if the latter continues to serve as an officer as an assistant. (© La Presse de la Manche)

This is not a revolution, but a noticeable change. Next season, en Nationale 3 men’sSerge Grégorieff will no longer lead the first team of the ‘UST Équeurdreville (Manche). After three seasons at his headof which the latter was crowned with success as one knows, he decided to pass the hand… to his son, Basile, which therefore ends his playing careerlike Thomas Capitaine and Max Neiers (82nd generation).

If this transfer of power has been in the pipes for a few weeks now, it is now official. A process even more natural than that the father will scourge the sonthe most regularly possible.

“Because of the restrictions, he wanted to step out. But I know he has it in his blood. So yes, I will be number 1, but he will never be too far away, as only helpful and strong in his experience. »

Basile Grégorieff

“An expanded N3 project”

Well, of course, next season, the N3, newly promoted, will take up a lot of space within the guest club. Meanwhile, Basile Grégorieff intends to take advantage of the circumstances so that this project becomes the property of the whole club.

“This is a very large N3 project. Because we have our U17s that we want to integrate. They are the future and from friendly matches, we will throw them into the bath. We want to feel sorry for them. We also sing to our R2 who must have the ambition to evolve as fast as Prénationale, where some of our young people will thus have the opportunity to express themselves at a proper level. »

Basile Grégorieff

His first step as a coach of a team at this level, Basile Grégorieff approached them with serenity. Having already led many youth trainings, especially seniors during his passage to Reunion, he did not need experience. « The challenge is really easy, end-il. My father will be able to take a little more of his retirement, and me of his knowledge. And then, in a match, for two, we see more things… »

There is no doubt that in the US Equeurdreville, there is no need to fear this passage of witnesses, who are supposed to operate in a sweet way.

Benoit HENRY

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