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What balance do you keep in the cold of the Cep Lorient season in National 1 men’s?

I first retain the satisfaction of having finished in the first four of the second round at the end of the regular season, as well as the public frustration at the end of the season. There was then the excitement and frustration of the playoffs, where we had the means to go all the way to the final. But we don’t have to play match 3 of the semi-final at our level. He will have to take the positive of this failure to grow and continue to progress.

Have you considered separating from coach Philippe Maucourant?

Hindi, the question is never posed. He is still under contract for another year and the club counts on him and the staff for next season. Some players have expressed their dissatisfaction with coaching, but these are most often players who do not play very little and complain of more playing time. This is the law of the genre.

What will be the contours of the effect next season?

We met all the players individually. Decisions will be made in the coming days regarding those at the end of the contract, but we can and will already be happy with the extension of our ailier Abdoulaye Sy, who has been requested by many clubs. Four important players are still under contract and will stay in Lorient: Ahmed Doumbia, Ibrahim Saounera, Arnaud Adala Moto at Bali Coulibaly. Felipe Braga’s contract includes an extension option, but we have decided not to leverage it.

What will be the goals next season?

Our ambition remains intact, but we can still measure this year at what point it will be difficult to play the climb going through the playoffs. The goal will be to finish first at the end of the regular season, to go directly to Pro B, as Angers did. Our budget will be equal. The club will renovate this summer’s lodges (32 locations) in the Kervaric Hall, where the City of Lorient will also invest in additional packet seats and a new sound system.

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