Basket. Invited by the Federation, the ESL Brest in N3 women’s next season! – Basket

Informed by the federation of their possibility of getting into NF3 next season, the leaders of the Étoile Saint-Laurent de Brest immediately responded with the affirmative, compensating, by the way, even the beautiful year of the girls of the coach Yannick Stephan.

Why did the ESL benefit from this wild-card?

Suppose the federation takes into account the sporting results, but, also, of the rank and, certainly, of the financial capacity of the club to develop in National 3. There, there is no exorbitant cost in terms of travel since then five other Breton teams in Quimper, Ploufragan and three in Rennes.

Sporting, is it rather just the fact of your final ranking?

It can be said like that, because we have finished first ex aequo. After all, there is also a logic to the last five years where we have always progressed, from one year to the next, in the rankings. The work of girls can also be rewarded in this regard.

Suddenly, does that change your recruitment optics?

First of all, I am happy to announce that all the girls are sharing for a new year. Then, I was in favor of a single reinforcement for the Prénationale. From now on, we are going to be recruiting two, or maybe, three additional players to be better armed in order to pick up a maintain as quickly as possible.

Would you also like to offer your staff?

I find that there needs to be more skills and external perspectives around the fanion team. That is, a cellule de cinq of six people is not Bruno Vigouroux accompanied by an assistant. Their role will be in the logistics, the link with the reserve, another basket view than the mien… etc. The idea is to optimize the team’s performance.

The whole act of basketball

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