Basket-ball. Dessenheim loses its place in Eguisheim in Prénationale

Released from National 3 in Prénationale, ASL Dessenheim has decided to request its reinstatement of an additional division. The Hardtois would therefore have to roll out next season in Region 2 at the place… of Eguisheim which, reported by the ASLD, immediately requested the Grand East League to benefit from this released strapontin.

Led by Hattmatt and Gries, President Thomas Bannwarth’s Verts stumbled a little in the uphill race. This opportunity therefore comes just in time for a club that has not frequented the regional elite for more than 15 years. Corentin Rost (Illfurth) has already given his consent to return to the vineyard. Other contacts are underway to strengthen David Schoenacker’s formation. Baptiste Cransac and Stéphane Delattre also hope to have an end with their knee problems here in the recap.

Pour Dessenheim, the relancer’s decision on R2 appeared as evidence. With the departures of Hugo Bourblanc (Mulhouse/Pfastatt), Bojan Petrovic and Noah Biskupski (Kaysersberg ABCA), Théo Santoro (Rixheim) and Kevin Tcheuwa Nkamaha (Souffelweyersheim), the level of the team was significantly lower.

Pour in instant Patrick Fest and Thibaut Stath. Coach Guillaume Libanet-who takes over from Slavenko Vasiljevic-will support the “two” team he coached this season and who finished second in the Pre-region, by invading the return cycle.

In Dessenheim, which will also see a strong renewal of its committee (the president, vice-president and treasurer, in particular, will have to be replaced), a new cycle begins. A more family environment is being prepared for the U17s who will face off at the door of the 2023 “one” team.

FCSL Eguisheim and ASL Dessenheim will now attend the officialization of their choice on the part of the Ligue du Grand Est.

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