Basket. An avenue of experience arrives in Caen BC

Parfait Njiba, 1.99 m inland, reaches Caen Basket Calvados, in the province of Andrézieux. © DR.

After announcing the arrival of Yanik Blanc for the season 2022-2023, the leaders of Caen Basket Calvados have unveiled a new arrival at their effective this Monday, June 13, 2022. They will be able to count on the qualities behind (ailier) of Parfait Njiba (1.99 m).

40.8 % success with 3 points

A former player from Saint-Vallier and Boulogne-sur-Mer in particular, he knows perfectly well the 1st National Championship. At 32, he has just wrapped up his ninth season at this level, on the side of Andrezieux. In the stats line: 10,9 points on average per match, pour 3,2 rebonds and 2,2 pass decisives.

Also, Parfait Njiba is known to orange ball enthusiasts for its 3-point shooting qualities. It closed last season at 40.8 % in this exercise, for a global success rate of 46 %.

Under the direction of CBC’s new coach, Stéphane Eberlin and his assistant already present at the club, Eric Béchaud, Parfait Njiba will evolve to post 3 which he will share with Bryson Pope, who will be leading him on a tenth season at CBC.

The 2022-2023 face of the CBC is taking shape in small scale since the effect now counts six players. Other arrivals should be announced soon.

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