Bagnols: end of season for Les Roquettes tennis club

The various team championships are over.

As summer approaches, the various tennis team championships are coming to an end.

In the youth, two teams went on to advance to the final. The 9/10 years against TCM the Cigale Nîmes, and after the victory of Milan Renard, all hopes were allowed. But despite two very tight sides, Lorik Albertini and the Rey-Charret pair clung on, leaving the title to the Nîmois.

On 15/16, Hugo Lioure (15/3) left the first point at TC Caveirac, Thomas Weber (+15) and Paul Morfin -Goeffroy (15/1) won their singles and then doubles, bringing the trophy to Bagnols – sur-Cèze: a premiere since 1999!

Cup of the Sixties

For +60 years, TC Saint-Gilles, on its flambant new installations, represents the last obstacle. Michel Mazaurik fléchissait, Stéphane Kuznik (15/1) is not worried about a simple child, with a double associé with Patrice Clermont, who won the trophée de la Coupe des Sixties qui échappait au club depuis 2016.

Of the seniors, 2 gentlemen had a chance to dispute the final: overwhelmed by their performances of the night, Thomas, Paul and Stéphane could not beat Jêrome Lemoal (15/1) and Pascal Fontanille (15/2). Final score 5 to 0 for TC Nîmes.

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