BAGNOLS/CZE Work to come to Saint-Exupéry rugby stadium

Future work was presented by the municipality as well as by the RCBM office. (Marie Meunier / Objectif Gard)

265,000 €

. This is the amount of work that will be reduced in 2022 and 2023 or Saint-Exupéry rugby stadium. On October 15, members of the RCBM (Bagnols-Marcoule Rugby club) will have to leave and get rid of their current club-house that will be raided. But a new associative living space will be built in the extension of the current podium. «This is the sporting project of the year

«, Declares the first Bagnolais deputy, Maxime Couston. Since 2000, the Bagnolais rugby players have had festive moments at 3rd mi in a prefabricated Algeco on the other side of the stadium. A mythical place that today has become desolate and regularly draws water in case of rain. It was a great time to change.

The current Algeco will be razed and the pavement on which it is owned has been sold to a real estate company that will build housing for students and young workers. But before demolition, a demolition must proceed. The friend was knocked out during a diagnosis in the glue of the tiles. The town hall is still waiting to know if the operation will go the simplest way or if the building will have to be completely confined.

Work that should take between 8 and 10 months The new associative living space will consist mainly of a large multipurpose room of 110 m2 where the RCBM can organize festive moments and welcome other teams. There will also be an office, a bar, ranges on a total area of ​​160 m2. In addition to this new building, a new entrance will be built to access the stadium and the 350 -seat stadium will also be secured, by raising barriers. «It will no longer be open to the four winds. There are concerns about civilizations, degradations, especially tags on the north side

«, Details Maxime Couston. Work will extend throughout the 2022-2023 season of the RCBM (between 8 and 10 months). They would have to be finished for the re -run by September 2023. In the meantime, club members will store their equipment in a maritime container provided by the mayor, on the edge of the lawn. And for meetings and receptions, ang RCBM can request a room at the House of Associations. About the 3rd time, they will hang out in a bar. «You have to accept to get less recipes at the club, but it’s to be better then. Sa is optimistic

“, Assures Gérard-Philippe Carette, still president of the club for a few days.

The current club-house in an Algéco, which will be razed. Housing for students and young workers will be built on the site. (Marie Meunier / Objectif Gard) Pour Maxime Couston, cet investissement is essential for promouvoir «the social vector through sport

«. Especially since the RCBM, born in 1961, has 180 adherents and has the prestige of being the first club of the Rhodesian Gardens. A new room, a secure tribunal: beautiful gifts for a sexual association.

Marie Meunier

* Ibuhos ang realizing these investments, the City should benefit from a subsidy from the Region and also from the endowment “City Policy”. In total, its self -financing should be up to 30 %.

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