Bad news for the Blues!

Peru’s defeat at the 2022 World Cup dams gave France a talisman…

Now more than five months after the 2022 World Cup coup, the Bleus finally know their three first -round opponents. The draw, which took place on April 1, was indeed attributed to them in addition to Tunisia and Denmark, the winner of the dam between Peru and Australia and the United Arab Emirates. A dam from which Australia came out victorious,

After dominating the emirate selection, the Socceroos have indeed come to the end of Peru in scoring, qualifying for the sixth time for the World Cup. The homes of Didier Deschamps, who will face Australia in their first match in Group D, could feed some regrets. Peru is indeed a real World Cup winner and a clash with Blanquirroja was forcibly a source of hope. In each of its five World Cup appearances, Peru has indeed faced the final winner.

In 1930, Peru was thus inclined in the group stage against Uruguay (0-1), which was subsequently awarded to Argentina. Rebels forty years later at the World Cup in Mexico where Peru had violated the law of Brazil in the quarterfinals (4-2). In 1978, Peru got a heavy chuté against Argentina (6-0) in the second round of chickens while in 1982, it was Italy that had the advantage during the chickens phase despite a zero match (1-1). Finally, the series had continued in 2018 since the Blues had already faced Peru in the chicken phase with a minimalist success at the key (1-0).

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