Bad news for Rudy Gobert on the market?

With the recent departure of Quin Snyder, the Jazz could begin a long reconstruction during the summer, with the possible departure of Rudy Gobert. Their franchises have already expressed some interest, but the latest news is far from perfect for the French, at least if he wants to leave. Two children with Donovan Mitchell in Utah could be prolongs encore un peu.

After a new disappointment, the Jazz must absolutely make some changes and be effective. Quin Snyder started yourself, where your coach is supposed to study, the history of the son’s pause on April 8 saisons sur le banc. The latter has allowed this effect to grow, as do some players, in the image of Rudy Gobert. For collective success on the other hand, this is another story.

Utah isn’t over yet by the end of the conference, where you can do a franchise in which to express the son’s ambition to the title chaque fois. A trade? May not include extra and most likely, d’autant que the front office seems to have made its choice between Rudy and Donovan. Unsurprisingly, it is the French who will be able to pick up their luggage in the coming weeks.

Another franchise at least on Gobert?

A few weeks ago, we learned of an interest in the Mavericks, which would not have been in a real pivot, history to protect their circle. The problem is only the leaders are ready to snob Rudy for this other star. Any other interested team? The Bulls, who want to cross a real cap during the East Conference. However, according to the NY Post, priority seems to be Mitchell Robinson.

The NY Post has just learned that the Bulls are continuing their research into Mitchell Robinson’s case, ahead of the free agency market that opens next July 1. The Bulls could be part of a number of contenders for Robinson, at least if the Knicks refuse to offer him a contract and retain him with an extension before June 30.

Robinson, is a pivot similar to Rudy, less involved in attack, but able to sanction close to his circle. Its advantages? He is younger, but especially much less expensive. Gobert has a big contract, which can get some leaders to negotiate. If Chicago is thinking, imagine that everything is not over yet. To say that a start is far from being made for the French, even if there is interest.

Another surprise franchise that could be invited to the party? Certainly the Warriors, who could want an improvement over Kevon Looney. Gobert would be ideal, tandis qu ‘a 6 -player trading idea is already available. It would be a major change, bolstering the West Conference, but allowing the native of Saint-Quentin to have a real chance of title. Attention never say never.

Rudy Gobert aux Bulls? This is a bad party, since the Mitchell Robinson case is taking the light. If the Knicks decide to prolong it in return, everything is possible in the case of the French. More will be available from July, but a trade is still far from being acquired in Salt Lake City.

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