Aytré Rugby has identified sur les rails its Cap 2025 project

A project led by Austrian President Philippe Lezeau and the club’s director of development and training, Laurent Galindo. Since its arrival, the Lot-et-Garonnais, a state Rugby graduate in XV at the promotion of the Toulousain Stadium, has breathed a positive light on the sky and white club which expects a reception space of 200 m.2 in September for his partners.

Franchise a palier

Three sectors have been identified so that the club can cross a path: sports (a development and training director and a full -time youth club sports coordinator), and marketing (with a communications manager who will be hired twenty hours a week and a assistant on the event party who will be hired full time), and sponsorship (with a partnership manager, who will manage two businesses that will be hired alternately with the sports marketing training that Excelia offers).

Also, Jules Favre, a professional player at the Rochelais Stadium and recent European champion, will bring his experience and expertise in skills, in reinforcement to rugby sessions, in order to perfect the individual technique of the aytrésiens players.

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