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During my visit to Saudi Arabia in 2017, a 30 -year -old Saudi social entrepreneur told me about your reforms: “We have the privilege of being the generation that has seen the past and the present. Her mother, she says, would never know anything but drive a car. His daughter could never imagine a day where a woman could not drive. “But I will always remember not being able to drive,” she told me.

My friend Dina Amer, an Egyptian-American cinematographer, showed her incredible new film, “Tu me ressembles”-on the Islamization and radicalization of a young Franco-Moroccan woman who died with one of the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks of November 2015 in Paris – at the International Film Festival of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia in Djeddah in December. He made his debut at the Venice Film Festival. But it had its first in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia, although it is a very dark and sensitive subject. “I have to say, however, that the quality and ambition of the Saudi film festival was at the height of the best in the world,” Dina told me. “Seeing Saudi cinemas start to be able to tell their stories was impressive and gave me a lot of hope. I was shocked when Dina pointed out that her film had been banned in Egypt but that it had won the public award in Saudi Arabia.

Steven Cook, an expert on the Middle East or the Council on Foreign Relations, and someone who writes about Saudi Arabia in turn, noted in a recent essay, “the prince heir to Saudi Arabia is may be odious “, but” there have been important changes in Saudi Arabia “. Saudi that critics often reject too easily and with disdain.

This brings me to the LIV Golf series. Mohammed, you need to know what you want on the golf tour for the PGA Tour – and hell to golfers and end of career and the unknown – should be sent.

You can no longer give more help with a million dollars pouring photos of voting and review through seulement mauvaise publicité-from the golf tournament l’a fait. Instead of news pages talking about all the religious and social reforms in Saudi Arabia, sports pages now talk about the Khashoggi massacre by your regime and the implications of Saudi jihadists on September 11th.

By a reason for which the most respected players on the circuit, like Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas and Tiger Woods, and never to be reunited with your series. They recognize sportswashing when they see it.

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