Avalanche du Colorado | De Mario Gosselin to Pavel Francouz

(Denver) Did you know that Mario Gosselin still holds a team record for the Nordics of Quebec and the Colorado Avalanche? If you ignore it, reassure yourself: you have at least two.

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Guillaume Lefrançois

Guillaume Lefrançois
La Presse

“I didn’t know I had a record!” launches an amused Gosselin, at the end of the thread. These are not things that interested me when I was playing, nor after my career. I know I managed a bribe in my first match at the LNH, but otherwise, I don’t know my statistics! »

In fact, Gosselin recorded a child with Philipp Grubauer and Pavel Francouz. The three postponed six matches in a series. And if that happens, there is at least a third person who ignores this statistic: Francouz lui-même. “Ah, it’s cool,” said the Czech, with the enthusiasm of the vegetarian who discovers that a PFK is open in his neighborhood.

Francouz’s winning sequence is still in progress; Grubauer won the sienne last year. Pour Gosselin, il faut remonter au printemps 1987 and in l’époque by John Ogrodnick and Paul Gillis. In the first round, the Nordics had beaten the Hartford Whalers four times in a row, before winning the first two games of the next series against the Canadians. The Tricolore, however, ends up delivering this series.

Gosselin shared the filet with Clint Malarchuk. The latter was two years older and had 52 starts over the course of the season, against 26 for Gosselin. Comment cerbère of Thetford Mines that can use Michel Bergeron’s faveur en séries?

“Whether it’s a series or a season, I always tell myself that it doesn’t matter what happens, it’s forgotten in the next match,” Gosselin explained. Pinili ni The other, is that I was aware of the relative importance of a match. There is no human death in hockey! I was very rational about that. Yes, it is important to pour coéquipiers and coaches, mais gagne ou perd, sir, madame Tout-le-Monde and quand même se lever le lendemain pour aller travailler. »

Francouz or Kuemper?

Francouz could have to wait before hoping to beat Gosselin’s record. Veteran Darcy Kuemper, Alvalanche number one guard, is back in good health.

Jared Bednar, Avalanche head coach, has a pretty dilemma. Francouz played four games against the Oilers, conceding 10 goals out of 109 shots (efficiency of, 908). Kuemper, himself, is showing a record of 6-2, an average of 2.65 and an efficiency of, 897 this spring.

Photo AMBER BRACKEN, archives of La Presse Canadienne

Pavel Francouz

To reporters agglomerated in front of him, Kuemper said the guards were expected to receive a text Tuesday night, announcing their identity of the starting for the first match. The Avalanche worked like that all season, unveiling the Saskatchewanais.

Either way, Gosselin will not be insomniac while waiting to find out if his 35 -year -old brand will last. He remains involved in hockey, earning his living as owner of his guard school, in Saint-Basile-le-Grand, but he follows LNH at a distance.

“I work in hockey, but I don’t listen to professional hockey,” he said. Since I came back to Québec in 1997, there has been no RDS of VAT. I look at the sailing facts, because it fascinates me to see the quality of the guards of our day. Even when I play, I don’t spend my days watching other matches. »

Good augure for Point

The Lightning could provide reinforcement. Brayden Point, who lost the fight in the seventh game of the first round series against Toronto, died Tuesday. Jon Cooper mentioned a return Wednesday was likely, in the absence of which the attacker should have been available for the second match. At the Avalanche, Nazem Kadri’s return seems less imminent, but Mikko Rantanen recalled that “doctors sometimes do magic tours.”

Perdus towards the airport

As always, Jon Cooper was on the verge of his press point. The pilot du Lightning revenu sur sa premiere rencontre avec Julien BriseBois. BriseBois is the director of Lightning, in 2010, it was not responsible for the club-école. It was therefore he who hired Cooper as head coach of the Norfolk Admirals, a branch of the Lightning at the time. “The news went well, so when it was time to leave, Julien offered to take me to the airport,” Cooper said. But we were lost, I was locked up for my flight. I thought he knew the corner, and I did not want to tell him, but I asked: why have you offered to take me back? I ended up taking my flight of justice. But the relationship we have built, our communication in the American League, has been transferred to the LNH. »

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