ATP – Roger Federer: “Tennis still has to wait a little …” #RogerFederer #Federer #Tennis #Roger #ATP

Roger Federer working in the shade for several long weeks now. Not yet fit to “charcoal” on the court, Roger bows in the room in his physical condition. No one knows when the Helper will return. Pour the rappel, Switzerland has confirmed participation in the tournament Basel next october. He will also, normally, the Laver Cup mais le reste de son calendrier, notamment the date of his return, is uncertain. If there is a definite doubt of his ability to return, the main interested seems to be well focused on his comeback. By the way, the former world No. 1 has once again relied on SRF.

Roger Federer’s last apparition was in 2021 at Wimbledon

“Each time, I have to answer that it will take a little longer”

I was operated on at the end of August. We already know it at the time. People don’t stop asking me: “So what does it give? Each time, I have to answer that it will take a little longer. I just have to stay patient and make constant progress. I am very active. I go to the room 5 or 6 times a week. The goal is to be ready for the Laver Cup in Basel at the end of the year. I will receive a lot of information in the coming months. I don’t play tennis much, much less with the kids. I could have done a lot more, but we are focusing on physical form at the moment, there is no overload. Tennis still has to wait a bit.

“The calendar will be much more manageable”

In an interview given to Blick, Federer isang parlé de son organization lorsqu’il sera de retour sur le circuit. “If you include 20 tournaments per season, then the calendar will be much more manageable. I know my children will be very happy to return and some places, like London or Miami “, he explained. More clearly, it is understood that the Great Chelems and Masters 1000 off -ground beat will be his priorities. Chances are slim to see Bâlois again Roland-Garros.


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