At the start, a young star left the market this summer!

In a few weeks to come, the free agent market will finally open its doors. It advertises passionately, with signatures that will take place obviously very quickly, and others that will take a little longer. A young star can shake hands, because interest is important to her. A passionate leaf to follow, and possible rebonding.

Very soon, and shortly after the draft, the market will quickly fill up with the availability of free agents. Like every year, we expect trades, but also lots of signatures. Among the most interesting leaves to follow? That of Zach LaVine, who could technically leave the Bulls to go grab a big contract. Nevertheless, the suspense may already be over, since we know his future team.

We assure you, other players will hit the market in the coming weeks, with a lot of uncertainty in the lot. For that, we have to look more specifically at the Phoenix side, since Deandre Ayton should not continue the adventure in Arizona. A real surprise for No. 1 of his draft, in front of Luka Doncic in particular. But the Suns themselves, count to profit.

Deandre Ayton on the start, the market collapses

Given that Ayton is a restricted free agent, the Suns made it a priority. If they do not intend to give him a big contract to preserve, they can make it so that the exchange in the mold, to a new destination. A simple sign-and-trade in the NBA, which should therefore see the day as quickly as possible. Ayton is considered a future star, logically from his performances, the interest begins to fade.

Phoenix is ​​engaged in serious conversations for Deandre Ayton regarding a sign-and-trade.

With 17.2 points and 10.2 rebounds on average, all at just 23 years old, Ayton is part of the future of the league. He undoubtedly hopes to find his place at a franchise capable of giving him the importance, in contrast to the Suns. In the comments, the netizens are already saying:

Chapel (Hawks, ed.) And Chris Paul will be reunited. If they recover Hunter, that would be very solid for them.

Trade Ayton to the Lakers please! AD is an ailier fort, pas un pivot.

Deandre Ayton available? Imagine that the Suns phone should be ringing at this time. An agreement should soon be found at the opening of the market, even if the player’s destination remains a total mystery at this moment. Whatever happens, it will be a nice deal for the winning franchise.

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