At access barrier, small premium

He is an immortal mechanic who has been playing for four years and three seasons. Whenever the time of the access barrier approaches, the same questions come back in a loop. Who is the favorite? Which team benefits from the best dynamics? Souvent, the Top 14 club is not good. Especially since his Pro D2 opponent remains on a deficit in the final while he was able to prepare for this last rendezvous of the season to save his skin a few weeks ago.

«If you rest in a losing final, the Pro D2 team is on a positive dynamic since it has reached the final. To go there, she had more joy, good matches, than disappointment “, ahead Stéphane Glas, who had two access matches when he was in the staff of FC Grenoble (2017-2021).

“The Top 14 team can nevertheless put a few players to rest to try to save money for the access barrier,” he continued. As for Pro D2, you put all your energy on the field for the final phase. But in these matches, there are no really rules. It goes somewhere other than in the preparation, more in the head, with the atmosphere, the audience … It is not palpable, it goes through things that you can not anticipate. » Response Sunday after Mont-de-Marsan-USAP (5:45 p.m.).


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