Ashley Beverly Kelley: “The Roannais Women’s Basketball is like a family to me”

Arriving in 2018 in Roanne to join the Pink Ladies, the American host will leave the club to try her chance at the highest level of French.

You are leaving the Roanna Women’s Basketball after three seasons here, why this choice?

AB: “At the start of the season, the goal was to go to Ligue 2 with Roanne. Unfortunately, we have not reached this goal. We lost a few matches and with different players injured, it was complicated. We were left invaded at home this season, still fine. I now want to prove that I can play higher and LF2 and Women’s League clubs are interested in me so it’s time to leave. ”

You have recently become here an unavoidable element. How much do you keep track of these four years in Roanne?

AB: “Honestly, I adored it. The RBF is like a family to me. The club gave me a lot of love and I could have made it my best season this year. People here have helped me integrate, especially at the level of the language where everyone has been welcoming. ”

What moment will stand out for you?

AB: “There are many. I think my relationship with Marie Rosché, in 2018, helped me a lot. I played in Israel against girls who had a WNBA experience. I came to France where there is another philosophy of the game and I had to adapt. She helped me integrate and be patient to come and prove that I could play here. And then Olivier and Vincent (ed., The coaches) listened to me and gave me things. ”

The worst moment?

AB: “It’s now (laughs). I have to leave this club that has given me so much and once again I have a lot of support on the part of the people here. ”

You have entered the hearts of the supporters, what do you have to say to them?

AB: “I just like them. I thank them for all the support they can give us. Even when they were lost, they were present. This shows that the club’s project is really good. ”

How will you get back from your life in Roanne?

AB: “I remember the Rwandan families who welcomed me and made me have a very good time. Roanne is a beautiful city. I want to come back later because I’ve experienced good things here. ”

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