Après Austria – France (1-1): Chez les Bleus, c’est l’heure de sauver le soldat Antoine Griezmann

For him more than for others, happy holidays! If he thought of finding a comfortable refuge in the Bleus after a nightmare for his big return to the Madrid Athletics, he had missed it. In his tricolor peace, Antoine Griezmann ended up being caught by his current demons. After an anonymous performance against Denmark, he was still too discreet on Friday against Africa (1-1) when he had the keys to the tricolor animation. A single release that does not resemble him for a terrible statistical series that will take place: 1387 minutes of aimless play.

In Vienna, he still trained like a soul in torment on the ground, struggling to make the link between the middle and the attack and not coming to orbit his partners only on rare occasions. His replacement by Kylian Mbappé was the turning point in the match: the Parisian, very shocked, changed the physion of the match to himself and allowed the Bleus to avoid an embarrassing road trip. It also illustrates the sporting decline known by Griezmann since the return and selection of Karim Benzema.

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Body of the court, meconnaissable comme leader

Do you want 90 minutes time and les jambesDidier Deschamps justified the moment to return to this decisive change. He is not in the best of his form, it is present in his game and in his influence in animation“. A line of conduct adopted since the beginning of the assembly, where the physical seedlings known as” Grizou “and its difficult adaptation to the Athletic served as rational explanations in a form that is much less.

Asked about Griezmann’s situation, Benzema wanted to emphasize everything that the Madrid have achieved elsewhere. “I’m not there to judge until thenas he explained in a mixed zone. We, we are there to help all the players, no matter who brand. What counts, is that he continues to work, and at one time or another he will mark, and I hope for him, and for us too, that he will mark in the next match, or that he make a decisive step. But for me that is not what he must especially look at in his game. He makes a lot of defensive moves, he helps the team, it’s just the success that he misses“The concern is that both defensively and in leadership, Griezmann seems to have lost his hand.

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But in the Bleus, it’s one for all, all for one. Benjamin Pavard, a privileged witness of Griezmann’s place in the 2018 World Champions Architecture, backed up at this point, convincing that bad passes were not, in fact, just bad passes. “Griezmann is a great player, it is true that he makes a few matches that he has not markedand he recognized. Otherwise, in a confiance en lui. I’m sure it will come back soon“.”All the great players knew that, Zidane, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldoa complete Benzema. This will come back, of course, he will mark, and he must continue to help the team as he did.“.

A partie de physique, de mental

On Monday, against Croatia, the hypothesis of seeing Christopher Nkunku be a big title. Because Griezmann needs to breathe. And not just physically. This is also, in essence, what Didier Deschamps explained before the match in Vienna. “I know him well, he has often been more than his advantage in Bleusdid he want to recall. This is not his best time. There is a physical, mental part. As I told you, he suffered his first injury this season. I’m not saying it’s used. I know his qualities and his mentality as well. He does not repeat“. But he still kills the language …

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