Anthony Alves has accounts to settle

“Coming here, I was in the mood to redo my shirt …

“Coming here, I had the heart to redo my coat, to reminisce about what I was capable of, why I went to Grenoble at the base. I didn’t want to be alone through my two mitigated seasons, traces Alves. I would arrive in a state of reverted, conquering spirit. I had to repeat my proof, to show that I was not the end of everyone. And to me the first. »

The word is followed by deeds. Alves starts the trumpet season and immediately enters the XV type montois. You can select Portugal as titles in 13 of the 16 premier matches. He is a key player of the yellow and black, who completes the stage to head to the championship.

In January, a first injury, to the shoulder, constrained to rest. On his return, he is again lined up to enter in three games out of four, including one missing being called up with the Lobos.

“He arranged the world”

“I changed the face of the team, but it didn’t bother me: I’m on the principle that when recruits come, they have to bring in added value, points out his manager, Patrick Milet. He also has a very complicated position, where arbitrary decisions play a role for many. But he set the whole world apart. In addition to that, he likes the balloon, he defends. It is really very complete. »

“I’m on the principle that when recruits come in, they have to bring in extra value.”

But the last day of Portugal’s European Championship, in March, is fatal. The pillar sends a gene to the mole but decides to play anyway. He then took advantage of the ten days of rest left by the club to completely recuperate and regenerate his body. Error: on his return to the club, the gene turns into injury. Pour miss the fewest matches possible, Alves tries to speed up his recovery protocol and aggravate his injury. “It was badly managed,” Patrick Milhet said. “I’ve cooked the stick,” the player said.

Despite a short time played against Aix at the end of the day, the Indians are looking forward to the best rendezvous of the season, the final phases are underway. “As the final phases approached, the players improved their level. There was a lot of competition and we only wanted to put players 100 % on the field, ”explained the manager’s son. A good player, Alves clearly understands the choice of staff and highlights the good performances of his competitors in the post, Victor Laval and Lasha Macharashvili.

Consolation against USAP?

But he should be able to alleviate this disappointment during Sunday’s access barrage, against USAP, whose staff decided to inject blood costs. “It’s a club with a big team, a team that I like to play well, with a lot of challenges, so I’m happy to end the season early, against this training, in front of a full stadium, hope the pillar. I think I’m a player who can shine in obscure tasks. It is in these sectors that he will have to perform against Perpignan. »

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