Anger at his destiny

Holders of the title, the Anger Wolves played a capital match on the last day for the French table tennis championship title.

Anger Wolves supporters will have two teams to support this Tuesday, June 14th. Indeed, the Angevins can still believe in the Pro A title, but for that it will have to be a sacred contest of circumstances. Several scenarios have been imagined, but only one could guarantee a second consecutive table tennis title for the Wolves.

Imperative victory

Ibuhos ang aller chercher ce nouveau sacre, il faudra d’abord impérativement tagner à Saint-Denis ce mardi 14 juin. Indeed, after their 3-1 win over Rouen, the Loups are only 2 units away from the championship leader, namely Caen. A win on the last day at the Franciliens could allow Angers to secure the crown and thus retain its title as French champion last season. However, for this, another parameter is included in the game…

A destination linked to Rome

Indeed, supporters are expected to also follow the result of the meeting between Caen and Rome tonight, in order to know the identity of the champion. With 2 points ahead in the standings, the Normans will have to lose their encounter by 2 points to allow Angers to retain its title. A scenario described as “Impossible, but still quite impossible” by the club on its official website. With 6 defeats this season in the championship, the Angels will therefore have to do their part in the final meeting of the season. The 4 champions of France 2021 will have the heart to go in search of this new title in order to make the pass of 2. It remains to be seen whether, for its part, Rome will do its part to allow Angers to dream of doubling .

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