And if chairman Olivier Romain returns to C’Chartres Basket Masculin?

A month and a half after his last match (eliminated in the 8th of the playoffs final by Cergy-Pontoise), C’Chartres BM is still not out on the transfer side, at least in the arriving box. Only the coach left, since Moatassim Rhennam (Lyon SO/N1) will succeed Sébastien Lambert, starting towards Challans (N1). On the departures side, the club announced, on its networks, that eight players will no longer be wearing the blue jersey (see framed on the opposite).

If no new player is, for the time being, indicated, it is not for that that it is not behind the scenes. Thus, with the departure of post 4 charter Mounir Bernaoui in Caen, another ailier-strong could take the opposite route. “We are on three players, two wings and one position 4, it’s almost done,” CCBM manager Milan Vasic said yesterday. “We have to find a leader, a second post 4 and a pivot. We will leave only a foreigner, rather a rookie, not necessarily an American, ”added Vasic.

He had found Chartres this season with Caen

Less used in Caen

As for the leader who could come to oust Yann Siegwarth, the latter could move to the back seat, the name of Olivier Romain circulating. «Ce n’est pas impossible…», a lancé Milan Vasic. Last year, the 34 -year -old (1.80 m) leader, reluctant to stay in Chartres, where he had five seasons left, had been pushed towards the exit. The junior European doubles champion, who had actively participated in the proB club’s rise in 2018, then took over from Caen. Pour deux ans. But the one who saw a modest performance this season, under the coaching of Fabrice Courcier (7.4 points, 3.7 passes for 9.1 yards in 25 minutes)*, was not spared by the club calvadosien.

In addition, with his children educated in Chartres and his wife working professionally in the sector, he would not be inclined to see the native of Versailles donning the azure jersey, much to the delight of BlueFoxs, CCBM supporters. “I have to talk with my agent,” sighed the player a few days ago.

*During his last season in Chartres (2020-2021), he turned 10 points, 5,4 passes to 14,4 d’éval in 29 minutes.

The point on the effective.
I rested:
Yann Siegwarth (posts 1-2), Antoine Fardin (p. 1), Ugo Doumbia (p. 2), Paul Bouloukouet (p. 2), Valentin Mukuna (p. 5).
I arrived: Motassim Rhennam (coach/Lyon SO/N1).
Became a part of: Sébastien Lambert (coach/Challans/N1), Kévin Thalien (post 1), Samir Mekdad (p. 1), Dejan Sencanski (Ser/p. 2-3, stop), Olivier Kabongo (p. 3), Christopher Békoulé- Ekambi (p. 3/-4), Mounir Bernaoui (p. 4/Caen/N1), Federico Ucles (Esp/p. 4), Patrick Clerence (p. 5/Challans/N1).

Jean-André Provost


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