An American discovers golf in Pau at the origin of the US Open course, the incredible story of the inauguration of the Country Club

The Hôte de l’US Open 2022, the Country Club de Brookline is an institution with the brand of empreinte of golf américain. Co-creator of the USGA in particular, it was inaugurated in 1893 under the auspices of an unexpected undertaking.

The best golfers in the world will compete in the 122nd US Open on the historic grounds of Brookline Country Club, near Boston. This is the 4th time in his storyafter the famous edition in 1913 and those in 1963 and 1988. All had the particularity of having known a play-offs issue.

Ah, the Battle of Brookline!

For the younger ones, the venue remains the theater of the unforgettable Ryder Cup 1999 where the Americans, a little overpowered, prevailed 14.5 to 13.5 against the Europeans at the price of a fantastic simple reversal. The edition is as etched in memories as The Battle of Brookline.

The Country Club, tout simple

Usually, the atmosphere is much more temperate in this traditional, very closed club, reserved for the bustling classes in Boston. It was founded in 1882 under the name of Country Club, without a particular name, since it was the first to create this type of fashion for a gentry in love with nature.

Golf survives 11 years after creation

He had to wait a decade before he could pick up a golf course. In his early days, he was mainly devoted to horseback riding and the hunt. Would you comment on the club where he threw lead balls for his more friendly rubber ones?

Originally, a young man accustomed to Pau golf

The tribute began with a séjour au Massachusetts d’une jeune Américaine, Florence Boit, who discovered golf in Pau. Invited in 1892, by his uncle from America, the rich Arthur Hunnewell, she brings with her her clubs. A son grand dam, she finds that there is no land in the region.

First 7 holes in the family house

To make him happy, his uncle encourages him to create 7 fortune holes on his property. Si les pots de fleurs font office de cibles and the greens have not yet encore in 1999, when celle in 1913, le jeu suscite l’enthousiasme de la famille et des voisins. Thus were born the first golfers of Boston!

A first 6 holes for $ 50!

Parmi eux, not sure Laurence Curtis is particularly acharné for its beginnings (Don’t you remember anything?). Total disappointed with this new discipline, he decided to enroll in the executive committee of the Country Club of which he is a member, stating that the cost of an experimental course should not exceed… 50 dollars.

L’inauguration in March 1893

Persuasively, Curtis seems to be able to build, at the least cost, a 6 -hole plot. The inauguration en grandes pompes in March 1893. Gentleman, Curtis asks Arthur Hunnewell, his neighbor at the origin of his new passion, to be willing to have the honor of starting the part on the first hole about 85 meters long.

The inaugural exploit makes a bid

Mukha to a curious parent, that’s it the tonton makes a hole-in-one! The explosion of joy was intense and imagine Arthur having a branded son club at l’épée Excalibur extraite du rocher. The scene is so much more crowded that the audience, at least in terms of golf, remains unmoved. Some police applause, all the more so.

The crowd will be much more expert and enthusiastic 20 years later, when the amateur Francis Ouimet suspends the 1913 US Open. Even here at the Country Club, the echo of this exercise resonates again.

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