Amine Noua to return to Asvel next season

As it launches its Betclic Elite final against Monaco this Wednesday night (8.30pm), Asvel is already working to build its effect for next season. In the light of the good news, it should record the return of a well -known player at the Astroballe. Coach Amine Noua (2.03 m, 25 years old) is (re) engaged with her coaching club, according to our information.

In the Andorra River

A return to bercail after a hiatus of only one season. The Lyon -born international (9 selections), after 14 in the Rhône (301 matches with Asvel), had to leave his comfort zone in the face of an experience abroad. This one, on the Andorre side, in the Spanish Championship, was not very conclusive (6.7 points, 2.3 rebounds in 17 minutes), disturbed by physical springs and a long Covid. The team finished second in the second division and, in a nutshell, the French did not even finish the exercise.

The triple champion of France (2016, 2019, 2021) and double winner of the French Cup (2019, 2021) thus found the Betclic Elite at the same time as the colors being ready mi-April on the side of Strasbourg. In addition, he finished the season with a trumpet -14 points, 4.5 average rebounds with the GIS, as well as a remarkable production, especially in the long distance shoot, one of his favorite exercises, in the play -offs against Monaco (16, 17 and 14 points), while the Alsatian club went through a haircut to eliminate.


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