Agostino and the Cataracts: champions in unity

HOCKEY. At the end of a half-century of waiting, Cataracts supporters can finally celebrate. Driven by their star players, but also by some obscure heroes like Daniel Agostino, the Shawiniganaise formation clinched the first President’s Cup in its history.

After coming out on top of the Quebec Remparts in the semi-finals, the Cataractes defeated the Charlottetown Islanders in the final of the eliminating series. Négligée des parieurs, troupe de l’entraîneur-chef Daniel Renaud recorded the LHJMQ by scoring seven wins in prolongation, including three in the final.

Obtained in a transaction with the Voltigeurs last January, Daniel Agostino was mainly employed on the wings of the third or fourth trio of Cataractes in the elimination series. The 18 -year -old striker attributes the club’s success to the mental strength of its teammates.

Daniel Agostino highlighting the President’s Cup on the ice at the Eastlink Center. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

“When I arrived with the team, I noticed that there was a weak point. Mentally, I found that one was not so strong. But during the series, we were really big as a team. Mentally, we are strengthened. He was never abandoned during a match. At that point, I find that it is the key to our victory in series, ”explained the Montreal athlete.

“During the second half of the season, our team experienced a lot of youth,” Agostino continued. We were hit by injuries and went through a rippling hole. At one point, the team was really prone to loss. It started with our group of leaders. Every day, they motivated us. The coaches also helped us stay positive. Just staying together, as a family, helped us. ”

During these series, the Cataracts also adopted a very special slogan: the word africain ubuntu. “It means taking care of one and the other. That word stayed with us throughout the series. He helped some and others. Our unity is what explains our incredible course, ”said Daniel Agostino, who will never forget the moment when Pierrick Dubé sought victory for his team in overtime.

“I will remember you all my life. This is a great accomplishment. All the young Quebec hockey players are dreaming. ”

A battle of ex-Voltigers

Still tough despite his 5-foot, 7-inch and 171-pound waist, Daniel Agostino scored two points (1-1) in 15 games during the Cataract Elimination Course.

“When I was swapped here, I was given a deep role. I have to bring energy to every match. I find that I did well during the series. In every match, I am there for my teammates. I always give my 100 % to every presence on the screen, ”explained the one who scored five points (1-4) in 34 matches in the regular season Cats uniform.

“I didn’t make a lot of points, but in a winning team, I find that he didn’t just have a role, he added. There are guys who will score goals and others who will support them in various ways. I find that I have fulfilled my role well. ”

Daniel Agostino and Francesco Lapenna during the traditional fist. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

During this final, Daniel Agostino crossed the line with his great friends Xavier Simoneau and Francesco Lapenna. His relationship with the former Voltigeurs keeper goes back to the 2018-2019 season, while both defended the colors of the Rousseau-Royal of Laval-Montréal.

“Franky, this is one of my best chums. It was a funny feeling to face it in series. Sa are two very competitive guys! Before the start of the final, it was said that no matter who was going to win, we were going to be happy for our friend, ”said Daniel Agostino.

“As for Xavier, I love him as a person,” he continued. He didn’t get the result he wanted in the final, but he could have the head high. He has really had a good career in LHJMQ. I wish him the best. He has a beautiful professional career ahead of him. ”

Having never forgotten his 80 -match stay at the Voltigeurs, Daniel Agostino is still in contact with members of his retired family, Gilles Haché and Luce Julien. “They came to see me play in Shawinigan. I was the first player they welcomed. I have a special place in their heart and it is the same thing for me. ”

Besides Daniel Agostino, the new monarchs of the LHJMQ count on another former Voltigeur at Julien Tremblay. The former striker, who took on the team’s colors during the 2010-2011 season, is now a coach of Cataracts skills.

Direction Saint-Jean

The dear children of Mauritius are preparing for maintenance to participate in the Memorial Cup tournament. The Canadian junior hockey championship will take place at the Sea Dogs home in Saint-Jean, June 20-29.

“We will face the best teams in Canada. It will be tough, but everyone has a chance to win. It is the team that will perform the most in this short period of time that will win. We will do our best to win a second cup this year, ”Daniel Agostino launched.

Daniel Agostino et Xavier Simoneau (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

Eliminated in the first round of the series, the Sea Dogs replaced their head coach Gordie Dwyer by Gardiner MacDougall. “With this change of coaching, they will arrive with a different mentality. It is a power and they will play at home. We are going to have to take care of them. They can surprise, ”warned Daniel Agostino.

The former Voltigeurs striker, William Dufour, will be on the lookout in particular. “William really exploded this year, but I’m not surprised. It has a marker touch around the net. We are good friends, but on the ice, there is no friendship. ”

The Cataracts will advance to the tournament by facing Western League champions, the Oil Kings of Edmonton, on Tuesday 21 June. That is, the champions of the LHJMQ will be deployed on the streets of Shawinigan, this Wednesday, June 15.

“We have a few days to prepare. It will falter to apply to the small details. This is what will make the difference between winning or losing. On va s’assurer d’être prêts ”, a résumé Daniel Agostino.

Despite the departure of several veterans, the Cataracts will not have to be taken lightly next season. “We’re going to be a really young team, but we’re not going to be as bad as everyone thinks,” Daniel Agostino said. At 19 years old, your role is important. I want to be a good leader first. I want to lead the youth in the right direction. I want them to feel comfortable, to feel at home with them when they get here, ”concluded the former Voltigeurs’ 2019 third -round pick.

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