Actualité – Friborg: Lukas Gerber replaces Slava Bykov au CA

National League


We know, the case had become a bit noisy after that Slava Bykov was accusing Christian Dubé of having failed to respect his son Andrei at the time of the renewal of his contract): the former No. 90 of Gottéron, in his seat on the Board of Directors, had decided to resign. Freedom we learn today that the Tsar will be replaced by Lukas Gerber.

Bykov had joined the CA in 2015 under the presidency of Michel Volet. The Marlinois don’t cut the brakes for as much with the club. Bykov promises to stay available, but he would like to invest heavily in the foundation that bears his name and that supports the city’s young hockey players.

One remembers Lukas Gerber in Dragons defender uniform, forced to put an end to his career after a loud commotion. Despite the latter, the repute penalty-killer is the return ats le giron du club fribourgeois en marge de son activité au sein de l’Aide Sportive Suisse.

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