Actu Rugby found Benjamin Ferrou: “La Rochelle will no longer be considered a small club”

Benjamin Ferrou takes an admirable look at the evolution of the Rochelais Stadium. (© Icon Sport/Fotojet)

When you look through the rugby watch, the 2000s are dominated by atypical players and markers. Stories of men, surprising trajectories and profiles that bloom well this power of time. Benjamin Ferrouemblematic half of the mixture of Rochelais Stadiumhas all these characteristics and tells us his best rugby passages, just like the hard shots that can sometimes cross the course of a professional player.

The native of Creusot (Saône-et-Loire) started rugby at his father’s shelter: “My dad evolved in Montchanin in Group A. As Landais of origin, it was for him an evidence. I really started at 14 years late in the morning Creusot-Montchanin. Subsequently, a certain wall was crossed in conjunction with the first while his father was leading the fanion team, not without some resentments: “I was 17 years old, injuries to the 9th post, and my father was not convinced ‘aligner. This is the president Roland Soula who forced him a little by the hand. First step with the big ones on Annecy’s field.

“I’m over 82 to 65 kilos”

Three years later with the bourguignon club, a chance at CS Bourgoin-Jallieu is offered to him. A new adventure of which he remembers: ” Michel Couturas come looking for me. I could, however, choose professional stability at Creusot. I landed among the Bonnaire, Boyet, Chabal generation It was the period when I declared type 1 diabetes, just after my signature. It passes 82 to 65 kilograms. I was very awkward and the doctors didn’t give me any chance to progress to this level. »

Then the considerations that make him disappear in Isère: “Michel Couturas is missing after a few weeks. I didn’t have much support within the club. Between illness to manage and a shattered confidence, aspirations erupt: “If I had lost all my endurance, I had kept my speed, and Thierry Janeczek I was called to join the circuit of Seven. It was a real puff of oxygen. A better sequel to a possible extension: “I refuse, Jeff Tordo wanted to make me sign three years. I was beaten alone with my illness, I didn’t want anyone, but I wanted to see something else. »

“My obsession? Top 14 with La Rochelle”

Bayonne tries to unleash a common envy to please her father, who was born in St. Vincent-de-Tyrossa. But an unexpected one survives, he says Actu Rugby : “Three days before the end of the mutations, the president Francis Salagoïty contact me. Julien Tilloles, who was then the number 9 of the club, was no longer leaving and the budget for this position was no longer enough to recruit me. A flash of death that turns into an unexpected phone call from La Rochelle: ” Jean-Pierre Élissalde I call, I say bank and the idea of ​​joining this corner of France pleases me. »The debut of a crazy story with the maritime club in 2002.

The real starting point of a career: “After a first year where I adapted to the environment, I no longer experience obsession, c’était de monter avec La Rochelle in the Top 14. Benjamin Ferrou, like many others, was one of the builders among the pensioners at Marcel-Deflandre Stadium: “It was a long walk, but coherent. We flew 4,000 people to the stands, et Vincent Merling to shoot to the maximum the quintessence of the context. He managed to unite the skills and we were the first to benefit. »

Benjamin Ferrou joined la montée du Stade Rochelais in the Top 14 lors de la saison 2009-2010.
Benjamin Ferrou joined la montée du Stade Rochelais in the Top 14 lors de la saison 2009-2010. (© Icon Sport)

The rise in power of the Maritimes

He witnessed this growth of the Rochelais Stadium inside: “We felt the agitation every season. Navigating to the top of the Pro D2, subscribers were in a frenzy. Memories of the first climb were unbelievable. Even if our planes were subsequently downgraded, we did not fly with us. Skelton o des Botia ! But we have all learned our mistakes. This descent was taken by all, and we knew how to better return with the heart. Collazo-Garbajosa in particular. »

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Does a memory of this period resonate with emotions? : “The access final against Lyon in 2010. The match got off to a bad start, but they dominated ahead. Serge Milhas n’y croyait almost no longer pause in the robes. Pour the ma part, je voyais Lyon which exploded physically. With Rémi Talès, we decided to fix them a little more and everyone was put on the diapason. We were, however, led wide and climbed into the Elite, it was unbelievable. »

Le deal with Vincent Merling

So an apothecary, but also a career end in 2013: “Basically, I had a deal with Vincent Merling not to leave the club. I was asked by other formations that would suggest me more. I started my training in parallel estate management advisor which made Collazo crazy, because I could not be present at certain sessions. Today, we manage more than 500 sports heritage with the cabinet ID Pro Sport. »

How not to conclude on the recent Champions Cup win at the Stade Rochelais against Leinster, an absolute pride for Benjamin Ferrou: “I was traveling to Paris to work. I was like a dingue, I looked at it from my phone and I received a lot of messages at the same time about the last actions. I am relieved for the only good reason that today, the Rochelais Stadium will be fully considered with this major title. We will no longer be like the little eternals who never won. »

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