Accused of drug trafficking, an NBA player risks jail

Montrezl Harrell big risk. On the 12th day, the Charlotte Hornets player and the arrêté alors qu’il était en possession of 1.3 kilos of marijuana, rapporte The Charlotte Observer this Monday 13 June. The events took place during a road check in Richmond, Kentucky, while Montrezl Harrell was originally controlled to have too close to the vehicle that was in front of him. The police officer on the scene, Jesse Owens, said in his report that he felt a strong smell of marijuana in the NBA player’s car. The latter was then admitted to be in possession of a small amount of cannabis in his tracks. But during an in -depth search of the vehicle, law enforcement found a large amount of drugs placed empty in a backpack placed on the back bench.

As a result, Montrezl Harrell was accused of drug trafficking de moins de cinq livres (approximately 2.2 kilograms) for Kentucky authorities. The crime, classified as Category D in this U.S. state, is punishable by one to five years in prison and a fine ranging from $ 1,000 to 10,000. While the indictment of Montrezl Harrell was supposed to take place on Monday, June 13, it was postponed until next July 13. The player’s franchise, the Charlotte Hornets, declined to comment on the matter. For his part, Montrezl Harrell could put his career in jeopardy, since he finds himself on the market as a “free agent”. In case of sentencing, NBA teams shouldn’t have to push for the one who had been voted best 6e home of the year 2020.

Benoît Lesueur


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