A Warriors star admits: “I’m so inspired by Boris Diaw”

If the Warriors were able to find the NBA Finals after a two -year absence, it was before all thanks to their stars. In the early part of Game 5, find yourself a day for saluting yourself and yourself, to savoir… Boris Diaw!

Even before knowing the result of their series against Boston, certain observers have already announced that these Finals could be the last of their careers. Forcibly aging, the Warriors stars no longer have many more years ahead of them to offer their palms. What makes a success this season even more indispensable for them.

Even Steph Curry, Klay Thompson et Draymond Green never again to reach this stage of competition in the future, they can still enjoy themselves as role models for the younger generation. Indeed, all three have been examples for the various positions they occupy for several years. Kaya, after having themselves forged their game by inspiring old glories, including some French!

The beautiful tribute of Draymond Green to Boris Diaw

Aujourd’hui considers comme deux des, si ce n’est les deux plus grands shooteurs of all time, Curry and Thompson in the logic of influences through the exploits of mythiques artilleurs comme Ray Allen or Reggie Miller. In the case of Draymond, interviewed at a press conference this Sunday, it was a more atypical profile that he had to study, namely that of the forward point. At qui de plus performant at sa domaine… que notre Boris Diaw national!

There are definitely guys in the house where I’ve picked things up, and in the fur and measure of my career, I’ve continued to do it. I was very inspired by Boris Diaw at the beginning of my career. Simply the way with which he maneuvered the ball, how he used hand-to-hand passes… More than a specific action, how he managed to always have some time ahead against his opponents. It was really very special to me.

Compared to their style of play, it is finally not surprising to see Green make such remarks about the former Captain of the Blues. Well before Dray shines as a turning point for Golden State, Diaw already occupies that role on his teams, including Phoenix and the Spurs. It is in this capacity, however, that he marked the 2014 Finals of his imprint, perfectly opposed to a certain LeBron James.

Even before having to face King to reclaim the title, Draymond knew therefore that he had every interest in reproducing Babac’s prowess to contribute to the success of his team. Force is to see that he has done it perfectly so far, with 3 champion wings conquered. There is nothing left but to follow in this line in the coming days to go find the 4th!

LeBron James? Chris Webber? Grant Hill? Hindi, Draymond Green would prefer to study the game of Boris Diaw in his early years in the NBA to perfect his point forward talents. A judicial choice based on the results obtained!

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