A Ukrainian and a Russian united behind the handball metropolitan charts

With Ukrainian Sergiy Onufriyenko and Russian Sergey Kudinov, the Eure-et-Loir club promotes cohesion for the collective good. And it’s March!

Hostilities on the parks were not over at the time of our closing, but Chartres was well anchored in the middle of the rankings. The opportunity for coach Toni Gerona to keep track:

“In a loss definitely matches that one should win at the beginning of the season. The mayonnaise was too bad to take. Some back base players also needed some adaptation time. Some blessings are not included in any help. This has somewhat diminished for us. Some foreign players in particular have also experienced their first experience abroad (Groselj for example, Ndlr). They have since gained experience. The team won with consistency and solidity in their game. Even if we lost to Nantes (36-40, 21st j., Ndlr) or to Nîmes (34-39, 23rd j, ndlr), in a rivalry with this type of team for 55 minutes. »

Une nouvelle salle sa 4,000 na lugar

In a few months, an event will activate the evolution of the club. “The arrival of the new hall planned in a year, at the end of the 2022/2023 season, will change a lot of things. This will make us pass 1500 to 4000 spectators per match. The club will have to take advantage of this opportunity to improve no bad parameters. The sports party, but not only. The whole organization of the club. He wants to end up in elite. With this hope to go find next year or that after this possibility of being able to fight for a European place ”.

In the meantime, the club has focused on upcoming recruitment. In addition to Aleksa Kolakovic (Saint-Raphaël’s Serbian center), other recruits will be Chartrains next season:

“There is also Vadim Gayduchenko from Saint-Raphaël (left back in Belarus, Ndlr) who will be joining us. Yanis Busselier (right rear, Ndlr) arrives at Chambéry. Abutovic (Serbian left rear of Rhine, Ndlr) landed him, with all his experience. It is very solid. It will help us a lot defensively. This recruitment shows that there is no shortage of experienced players. People have sometimes tended to forget that even a Sergey Kudinov is only in his 4th season in the elite. »

« Even if some of our players are of a certain age, that doesn’t mean they have forcibly had a colossal experience at our championship. With this recruitment, we can be reassured in the hope that automatisms will be available soon so that they can be performers from the beginning of the season. ”

“Are they perfectly capable of making the difference between politics and sport”

Let’s talk about Kudinov. He is a 30 -year -old Russian leftist. He lives the day with Sergiy Onufriyenko (ex-PSG, Aix), a 37-year-old Ukrainian right-back. The Spanish coach describes the lives of these two athletes since the beginning of the war in Ukraine:

“The current situation and the war make it not easy for these two players, especially for Onufriyenko who has a family in Ukraine. And the same if his brother and mother are in France. But, frankly, on a daily basis, it goes very well. They are close. They always come together for training. They are always together in the heat. They are always together in the rooms at the hotel. These are two extraordinary guys. They are perfectly capable of making the difference between politics and sport. »

« We at the essay club help people in these very difficult times to manage. Onufriyenko never sought to return to his country. But it is for this reason that he has brought his family here, that he has made numerous collections of donations with the club and the city of Chartres. He feels that it is here that he can help his compatriots the most. As for Kudinov, he carries the colors of the Russian selection. This is not an easy situation to live in anymore for him. Face the situation, he could not play dam matches with his country. Then he redoubled efforts and work. In attendance was obviously all the time the war was over. In the meantime, normalcy will take over. ”

D’ici là, ang C’CMHB fait bloc. Win together and lose together. With his Russian and his Ukrainian missionaries in a common battle.

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