a sharing and some regrets for the Red Lions

This first duel against the 4th world nation is a real test in this Pro League for the protégés of Michel van den Heuvel. An important match against an opponent of very high quality to evaluate the work and progress made during these last few weeks. With Loic Van Doren in the goals (Vincent Vanasch was still left to rest after winning a second title last Sunday, in Germany), the Belgians subsided the Indian pressure during the preliminaries but the other keeper was also vigilant on penalty possibility. of Akashdeep Singh. Within 9 minutes, Les Lions got the main penalty from Tom Boon’s temporary return. The other 2 Belgian PCs were no longer productive. There was enormous rhythm in the party but also some great defensive work from the 2 teams.

And it was finally in the 18th minute that visitors found the opening via Shamsher Singh. But the reaction was not delayed. And after an infamous first attempt by Nicolas De Kerpel, the Herakles attacker ideally served Cédric Charlier who did not hesitate to equalize (21st). The party was of a high technical level at the intensity of the impressive duel. The 2 nations had very close and the least error could pay cash. The Belgians controlled this end of the first period (64 % possession during the first 30 minutes) but they did not come to concrete this light dominance in marquoir.

The second period started like the first with some Indian pressure but without Arthur Van Doren (round the ankle and Pro League finish). But Loic Van Doren saved the minds with an unbelievable stop. And while the visitors seemed to take the lead, it was Simon Gougnard who placed the Red Lions in command by signing a goal of all beauty (36th). At the end of the 3rd quarter, Florent van Aubel created a nice possibility but his shot in reverse missed the target. But the Indians remained dangerous nonetheless and the defense could not afford to divert his attention.

Preserve the structure

The Red Lions had to continue their form in the last quarter of the hour keeping their structure, not letting their opponents play and now a lot of pressure. The 4th world nation tried to reverse the trend but it turned out to be a real white wall. In the 51st minute, the Belgians got a 6th penalty and Nicolas De Kerpel did not hesitate to score his team’s 3rd goal. About 2 minutes later, Inde got a logical stroke. Harmanpreet Singh is not thrilled with his son 17e but with the Pro League. The pressure was extremely strong on Loic Van Doren’s goal and 2 minutes into the match, Jarmanpreet Singh equalized on a penalty phase. In the last 3 pc (1 of 8), the Lions finally failed to report this duel (3-3) despite a good performance. Aux Shoot-outs, because the Indiens have repartaient finalement with bonus points.

So there was something to feed some regrets at the time of taking note of this meeting as Nicolas De Kerpel confirmed. “I don’t really know how to explain what happened and why we didn’t succeed in preserving our marquoir advantage. We had to make this encounter because we have the experience and the players to make it happen. It’s a waste. We have dominated this duel and we could have scored more goals. There was a bit of a show for the Indians who introduced us to some sort of ping-pong match. Sa isang perdu un peu la structure après la pause following à la injury d’Arthur Van Doren. We should also find our crossing rhythm on penalties. But I am confident for the future and beyond. »

This Sunday (4.30pm), the Red Lions will therefore try to raise their level a little more to report a 9th success in the competition. Because in the face of an opponent like India, nothing is ever gained and the match can always bounce back until the very last second.


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