A Rocket League in golf mode ?! In an essay TurboGolf Racing

News game A Rocket League in golf mode ?! In an essay TurboGolf Racing

During the Future Games Show, Turbo Golf Racing once again showed the edge of its nose. Announced last March, this unlikely encounter between Rocket League and golf has attracted the curiosity of amateurs of original experiences with cars. We played the demo available on Steam and we give you our first impressions.


  • You golf sauce Rocket League
  • An experience as well as many

Since the release of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars on the PS3 in 2008, sports games with cars are in vogue. Representatives and companions of the genre can be seen in the Rocket League and the millions of joueurs, the titres writing reprendre la formula, in the image of Turbo Golf Racing. After unveiling a new trailer during the Future Game Show, ang game took the opportunity to announce its fixed release date of August 4, but most importantly, publish a demo.

You golf sauce Rocket League

The advantage of Turbo Golf Racing, is that from its title, we understand immediately what the question is. At the command of a car, one therefore finds himself rolling on a golf course to push a ball into the goal of making it to a hole as fast as possible. But if in real life the goal is to get between the ball with the fewest shots possible, here, you just have to do it fast. To do that, our ball obviously has a turbo that allows it to propel the ball even farther than normal speed. Since the latter is not unlimited, he will have to put his hand on the boxes to recharge his boost.

A Rocket League in golf mode ?!  In an essay TurboGolf Racing

If the title is largely inspired by Rocket League, as well as in its principle that in its physique, Turbo Golf Racing offers some desirable subtleties. First of all, before you tap into the ball, an arrow will appear to indicate in which direction the latter will go. What will allow you to be more precise in your approach. Like any golf course, each level is made up of a certain number of bunkers that shake your ball if it falls through. Thus, the whole point of the experience is to strike in the right place, at the right speed, so that this one approaches the hole as quickly as possible.

A Rocket League in golf mode ?!  In an essay TurboGolf RacingA Rocket League in golf mode ?!  In an essay TurboGolf Racing

An experience as well as many

A Rocket League in golf mode ?!  In an essay TurboGolf Racing

L’avantage of Turbo Golf Racing, it is the optimum that can be alone in the multijoueur. If you decide to try the demo alone, three different cuts are offered, each being made up of several paths. Ibuhos ang unlocking stars and new levels, you must succeed in finishing them as soon as possible. To get there, you have several tools. In addition to the boost, our vehicle can run, as in Rocket League, but especially plan, which allows things to go differently.. In general, this solo mode is a good way to train before attacking multi mode.

A Rocket League in golf mode ?!  In an essay TurboGolf Racing

And yes, Turbo Golf Racing is the title that takes all its meaning in multiplayer. Here, the courses are practiced with seven additional players, but the principle is to reach the hole faster than the others. So, there are some subtleties compared to solo mode. First of all, if you can’t tap into the balls of your opponents since the latter are ghosts, the latter you can win, especially with the help of objects that you retrieve as in a Mario Kart. For example, in the demo, we find missiles that automatically target another player to make it spin.

A Rocket League in golf mode ?!  In an essay TurboGolf Racing

Along the way, this demo also allows to personalize his vehicle and get an overview of the season system. As in most games of the genre, the more you make matches, the more you win or lose, the more you unlock elements to customize your ball. If it does not affect the aesthetic aspect of the car, it can also modify its characteristics with the help of hearts that give passive and active effects to your driving style.

The joint child of the Rocket League and of golf, Turbo Golf Racing is the title that suggests a Psyonix diversity approach. More basic on the course and speed, the latter offers to roll on golf courses as well as solo but multi, and parts that are even inspired by Mario Kart. To allow the game to live on, a seasonal system was introduced to personalize his vehicle and distinguish himself from others. In any case, see you in August to lay your hands on the final version of the title.

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What is Summer Game Fest?

Not E3 this year, but we can still count on another global event: the Summer Game Fest, a grand show dedicated to video game ads this year or the years to come. Now in 2020, journalist and animateur Geoff Keighley is benefiting from the release of the première fois ce festival maintenance incontournable. Last year, the show brought to light the blurry images of Elder Ring; then forcibly, the third iteration brings great anticipation.

How will Summer Game Fest 2022 start?

The Summer Game Fest, it’s Thursday, June 9 at 8 p.m. The show will be once again followed by a Araw ng Devs session dedicated to the independent stage.

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What is the program of Summer Game Fest 2022?

Among the games not to be missed, there is the heiress of Dead Space, The Callisto Protocol, which shows us its first gameplay images. For its part Tawag ng Tungkulin: Modern Warfare 2 presents its first level. Sont aussi au program: Gotham Knights, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, the premier studio d’Aaryn Flynn (ex-Bioware) Nightingale, the JRPG One Piece Odyssey, the free-to-play Warframe or the Planet of Lana. Geoff Keighley also announced: “We have a few announcements of new games for this show and, hopefully, a few surprises if all goes well. But it is definitely a show that focuses mainly on things that are announced. ”

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