a rich season to digest before rebounding

It should first point out the exceptional season that has just begun in Mont-de-Marsan, especially during the phase …

It should first point out the exceptional season that has just reached Mont-de-Marsan, especially during the regular phase. A first place acquired with 106 points, the best defense of the championship at a Boniface Stadium that no Pro D2 team has ever been able to take. “I’ve had seasons, but that’s where I had the most fun, with this staff, this group of players,” laughs coach Stéphane Prosper. It would be a shame to end up with these two failures, but it leaves an opening for next year. »

A team in attendance

A season 2022-2023 during which the Stade Montois will have to be much sooner than it is now covered by a good number of teams, who will undoubtedly mark with a white cross the date of reception or departure to the Stadists. «In sera attendus, confirm manager Patrick Milhet. But even better, it means we have done the job. »

A job that he will have to provide again at the start of the season, since the yellows and blacks will not be able to take advantage of the “surprise” effect that weighed in on the balance to win their first five matches of the exercise. “I think we have impressed everyone, no one would have crossed us at that level,” Maxime Gouzou points out in the third line.

The montois staff will have to keep an eye on the grain regarding the motivation of its players. Playing the final phases is an experience apart, out of time, and returning to the daily train of the Pro D2, while the good days are still there, can be a delicate experience. Demi-finalist in 2021, where he lost a point by Biarritz, and RC Vannes knows something. This season, the Breton lost their first six matches and long flirted with the relegation zone, before coming out on top of the water after the night’s nightmare.

Nombreux movements

Ibuhos ang insuffler cette envie dès l’entame, Patrick Milhet et his staff devraient pauvoir compter sur l’arrivée de sang neuf. In total, a dozen players will have to put their suitcases in the Landes during the summer. Five are already known. French Pillar Max Curie, who hails from Nevers, and Moldovan Gheorghe Gajion, from Oyonnax, will be named to compensate for the retirement of Carlos Muzzio and Victor Laval in Montauban.

Narbonne’s second South African line Aston Fortuin must host the combined starts of Andrei Ostrikov and James Voss (starting for the Massy prom). Owner Joris Pialot, also Narbonnais, is also expected in Boniface. Finally, Martin Doan’s half -breed mixer will have the heavy task of forgetting the prodigy Léo Coly, who undertakes the reverse journey.

Other arrivals will have to be official in the coming days. In view of the departures of Santiago Montagner and Maxime Gouzou, who joined the LOU, the announcement of a third line would not be illogical. A newcomer to the island would be expected in case of departure from Wame Naituvi, in dispute with his club. “There will be recruits that must create a plus-value, of energy,” said the Dutch manager. The Monsoon Stadium will be there again next season. »

Let youth pass

Important projects to come, therefore. But the Stade Montois can also look forward to the future, strong of the facts acquired during the exercise that have just come to pass. The majority of the tenants will always be there and will only have one wish: to find the final phases to do better than this year. The management of big matches is also one of the major improvement axes of the Stadiumists.

The semi-final against Nevers could have turned short without a miraculous rescue from Coly and then a test from Mensa’s side. In the end, the Montois simply passed by their match. Editor to hope better. The dam was, to him, too unbalanced.

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