a referee dies under the blows of players and supporters / Salvador / SOFOOT.com

Barbarianism has no limits.

This Monday, the Federation of Salvador Football (FESFUT) announced some very sad news. José Arnoldo Amaya, a 63 -year -old referee, won the shots “Supporters and players” during an amateur match. In his communiqué, the fédé «Condemnation, regret and recovery of aggressive physique on the issue of death» submitted by the official.

Salvadoran authorities have not yet been able to bring together all the elements necessary for the investigation, but the evidence agrees that the man in black could have alerted a player, who could then have physically assaulted him. violent strokes when he found himself on the ground. According to Diario El SalvadorAmaya would have died minutes after she arrived at the hospital. “We hope the authorities can find those responsible.” said the president of the federation, Hugo Carillo, at the program The Tiki Taka.

José Arnoldo Amaya will compete in neighborhood, school, and a Salvadoran amateur category.


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