A paradoxical season for PSG

Après sa victoire (36-31) face HBC Nantes in the final of the Coupe de France both, in PSG Handball and décroché son deuxième trophée après le championnat de France o terme d’une saison agitée.

In reimportant in the Coupe de France (36-31) is the same face with the champion’s son, HBC Nantes, PSG Handball conserve the crown, après avoir conclu la Liqui Moly Starligue invaincu (30 matches sans défaite). « It was important to win this match which was not easy at all. He had to end the season well by staying focused until this last match. After still winning the championship, it would be a pity not to go looking for this trophy. “Luc Steins, PSG’s battalion, was recognized after the victory.

This match was also the last in Parisian colors for many players. Nedim Remili and Benoît Kounkoud will defend the colors of Kielce (Poland). Mikkel Hansen returns to Denmark in Aalborg. In contrast, Vincent Gérard and Yann Genty rested in France. Plus the exact placement of Saint-Raphaël in the premier nommé and in Limoges for the second time.

The paradox of the Ligue des Champions

This season, almost perfect on a national scale, could have been even better if Nikola Karabatic’s teammates had not lost their League Cup semi-final against Cambodia last December (28-29). To say that the European course was extremely labor-intensive for the final three of the competition last year… Raul Gonzalez’s protégés had a pretty dynamic European adventure with a third place in the B pool and a difficult rebound (67- d60 Elver sur les deux battles). This European season ended with a 33-32 defeat in the quarter-finals back against Kiel.

“This season has been 80 %perfect, I think. He misses us two trophies: the League Cup and the Champions League. But do you know how hard it is to win this test? ”Elohim Prandi trusted our companions of Parisien after PSG’s victory in the French Cup. PSG Handball will face off on September 3 at HBC Nantes for the Trophée des Champions which will take place in Poitiers.

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