A new staff for the seniors of the Bagnols Marcoule Rugby club

The senior season of the Bagnols-Marcoule Rugby club has come to an end in a few weeks now, but behind the scenes the leaders are working to prepare for the next season.

While the coach of this season did not renew his contract and return to train the seniors of Orange, it was necessary to think of any new staff for the return. It is Adrien Chalanqui and Jean-Michel Magana, currently junior coaches, who will take the reins of the senior teams next year.

A way for them to continue to guide and accompany the players they have followed over the years. Several juniors changing categories to go with the seniors. “ Adrien at the discours club and RCBM for the purpose, glisse Christophe Liabeuf, current vice-president of the club. We set goals for seniors this year and we weren’t at the appointment. He hopes for the next year.

The project

Adrien Chalanqui and Jean-Michel Magana thus presented their ambitions at next year’s game project in front of about thirty players. “On paper, we engage two teams. The first part of the season started on 2 août prochain, au stade d’Orsan. The idea is to resume the game project set up with the juniors and give more rhythm.“, explains Adrien Chalanqui. A will that goes through more physics -oriented training at the beginning of the season.

No matter how much inquiry, the coach wanted to reassure: “Not everything is going to change and we want to build game plans with the players. The idea is to feel good and have fun.

Match with amicaux

To test and build a new team, the coaches have already played and have already scheduled three friendly matches before the start of the season. If the calendar of matches is not to be poured out at the moment, ambitions are accompanied by claires. “The star is the team. It’s all about qualification. We, we are motivatedexactly Adrien Chalanqui. The closer we get to August, the more excited we will be to work with the players. “

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