A new French with Rudy Gobert or Jazz?

If you’re not going to stop at Jazz in the coming months, Rudy Gobert makes Salt Lake City a priority. The French would love to stay to continue fighting for the title, while another Frenchman could soon join. That would be a good thing for the pivot, even if the competition is huge.

Amid much controversy, Rudy Gobert could take the door in the coming weeks, at least if a good offer is presented. The Jazz are not ready for anything to leave, but he says the front office is listening, in case a team absolutely wants to recruit Frenchmen. Donovan Mitchell? He will not leave, who is considered the cornerstone of the project in Salt Lake City, as opposed to Gobzilla.

A trade is not yet acquired, but it is a strong possibility, for which one must prepare. However, the claimants are not as numerous as that, with franchises that prefer to recruit less expensive, and younger pivots, like the Mavericks for example. It is therefore to be believed that Rudy will stay at least one more season in Utah, and he could be joined by a familiar face.

Recruitment started with déjà au Jazz!

For the Jazz, like other franchises, the tests have already begun at the level of free agents. The leaders want to see the world, to see if the players have the level possibly to make it to the roster next year. It’s getting interesting at the Jazz, since Joel Ayayi will be at training camp this Monday, and this Tuesday. The opportunity for him to prove himself, and why not sign a first contract.

But as we can see, there is already the world, including Jabari Parker, a former second choice in the draft. Ayayi will therefore have to do his proof, in the hope of getting a contract for next year. If the performances are good, he could gain access to the training camp in September, just before the resumption and figure in the last 15 players. In the worst case scenario, a two-way contract, allowing him to play in the G-League, which would not have been so bad.

Ayayi hopes to resume after 7 games played with the Wizards last year, for just 2.9 minutes on average per encounter. It’s not enough for the 22 -year -old player, who still hopes to find his place in the league. On the contrary, he may have to turn around, even if anything is possible with the Jazz in the coming weeks. To him to do the boulot.

Can Joel Ayayi join Rudy Gobert in the Jazz? This is all the evil we want from him. It will not be easy when you see the competition, but you have to believe, especially with a two-way contract, which would not be so bad. Response in the coming weeks to find out if the French have joined the leaders.

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