A new flamboyant baby for rugby club partners

Pithiviers. More space for rugby fans. . A 150 -square -meter barn has just been installed, just in front of the US Pithiviers club house, at Piquemal Stadium. The inauguration, which took place Friday night, is the culmination of a project launched more than two years ago. But with Covid, even the best ideas were put in time to work and bureau members were asked to work.

President Jean Paul Belkessa has not cached pas in joie. “We finally have a large space to welcome other clubs with all the friendliness. It must be remembered that at every meeting, there are almost 200 people present, visitors and meeting places ”. The old club house of 80 square meters turned out to be too small.

This space allows, in addition, to display the logos of the partners openly. This is in part thanks to them that the USP was able to keep its 250 licensees, despite a more reduced sports activity. “Everyone helped according to their budget, but these are the small streams that make the big rivers,” the president said. The installation is the subject of a public space occupancy agreement, ratified by the mayor.


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