A national podium for table tennis

The 37th gathering of the national criteria of the national sports federation in rural areas took place on June 4 and 5, in Saint-Jory, Haute-Garonne.

More than 200 participants in toute la France étaient réunis, toutes categories confondues. In table tennis vétéran classé, in the rural foyer of Sainte-énimie to end the premier in the poule and se retrouve in the demi-finale against Mouroux, Seine-et-Marne. After a very close meeting, the two Lozériens, Philippe Defassiau and Michel Gély, did not fail to dethrone the title holders and met against Anquetierville, Seine-Maritime, for places 3 and 4. This match was very effective on the podium. in play for these two teams. It was finally Sainte-enimie who finished in third place. Note that as a terraced buffet, Lozère finishes second with its traditional aligot, courtesy of Véronique and François. It is possible that the next French Rural House Championships will take place in Lozère in 2023.

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