A memorable day for online hockey goodies

The mood of the match is fatal in Bienne Seelanders. Vincent Monbaron’s players lost to Buix 10-5 (5-0 3-2 2-3) both in Ligue A d’inline hockey. I can’t rate the 1re party de match, and it was 6-0 to 28 minutes. This defeat is the 8th in a row for the Seelandans. Bienne Seelanders remains 9th with five points less than 8th in one more match to contend with.

Good Skater 90 corrected

Bienne Skater 90 did not succeed in getting the head. Dieter Lohr’s side lost to Rothrist 11-1 (4-0 2-1 5-0) in Argovia. The match got off to a bad start for the Seelandis who secured the opening of the score after 25 ”. The mark was 4-0 after 1st third, with 5-0 when Skater 90 a inscrit his only but of the day by Théo Choulet in the 34th minute. This is the 4th subsequent defeat for Bienne Skater 90 which is front-end with five units in eleven encounters. /tri


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