À Louargat, the handball and the football recrutent des joueurs – Louargat

Members of the US Méné Bré were gathered in general assembly, in the presence of Anthony Pirou, elected in charge of the sport. Guy Conan, resigning president and Clément Le Nay, resigning vice-president, hosted the meeting. Jean-François Derrien is also leaving his post of treasurer, which he held for twenty-six years, and Nathalie Conan, his deputy treasurer. As a sign of gratitude, everyone was warmly applauded.

Marina Jégou, responsible for the handball section, an announced the need for recruitment at the senior women’s, U13 and U15 categories.

On the football side, team B, led by Jean-François Le Saux, a man known for a complicated year, finishing 10th of the 12th championship. Team A, led by Bernard Le Bricon, pulled his pin of the game, finishing 4th on 12. Six departures and six arrivals are planned. It must also recruit. At the football school, recruits are made in all categories, especially in U16. The club’s referees are Clément Le Nay, who grew up in N3 and Thomas Le Lay, passionate, who made his debut.

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