a historic OL offer to crack Katoto?

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If PSG managed to extend Kylian Mbappé, they still have not succeeded in doing the same for Marie-Antoinette Katoto, whose contract sees her contract expiring in a few weeks. Courtesy of the Lyon Olympics at FC Barcelona, ​​the French international could be the target of a XXL offer.

Is OL ready to make a historic offering?

According to Telefoot, the OL would even be ready to send “unparalleled offer in the history of women’s football“to attract the best scorer in the history of Paris Saint-Germain. Nothing to cheer PSG too much, as Antero Henrique has already met his advisor and a new meeting would be planned for the next few party. Matters to follow.

Pour in the resume

The Lyon Olympics would be ready to make a “historic offer” to Marie-Antoinette Katoto to convince PSG to leave. In addition to the Rhodesian club, FC Barcelona would also be very interested in the idea of ​​offering the French international.

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