A directory built on the launch of the AS Passageoise

The AS Passage rugby club experienced new changes in governance Thursday night. There are now five new men who will run the club in an established directory. These men are no strangers to the “red and white”.

Frédéric Da Costa, you will play the role of coach to that of the co-president of the director. Explain to us.

This is a new challenge for the love of the club. Would you like to pay a fee to administratif and sportif seniors with Fabrice Gautier. We’re going to work in binomial.

Nicolas Macheboeuf, you take on more important responsibilities. What is your domain?

I was on animation at the club. The aim is to represent the club, to foster communication between the rugby school, the UUC2R and the seniors so that it can be a club entity. The intermarket that we were looking for was razed. It’s an opportunity to be in the heart of the city. We want the club to be a family with values ​​that will be reintegrated into the city.

Fabrice Gautier, you posted an important club. What is your role in this new organization?

Ibuhos ang ma part, it will be the management of senior rugby players on the field. I will be with the coaches, the players, the intervenors of the senior teams with a direct link with Philippe Lapeyrère who will be in charge of following the juniors. Our goal is not to lose any player and to use them all.

Philippe Lapeyrère, what will be your role in this club that is personally accountable to your family?

I remain in charge of the development of the UUC2R (Cadets and Juniors Gathering), becoming a decision -maker. I took the “Ecole Ovale” project that we are trying to make a living. I am also a tutor of learning within the framework of “Campus 2023” to accompany next year’s autonomy on this project and development. I take care of the school organization as the sports coordinator of the UUC2R. We are in five partners with the Agenais High Schools and the one in Clairac. Other partner projects are underway.

Didier Poeyusan, do you get the gallon left on your domain?

Indeed, I remain in charge of rugby school for my 3rd season at this point. We have experienced two seasons cut by Covid. Our challenge is to structure the rugby school, bringing in new educators to accommodate new students. ASP players are already educators. Gamins will be involved in the life of the club just like the parents. The rugby school at training is the base of the club.

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