A Danish player signs for JDA Dijon handball

Danish Stine Norklit Longborg is committed to Dijon until 2023

Credit: Photo JDA Dijon handball

Evolving since 2015 in the first Danish division, within his coaching club Ajax Copenhagen, this 23 -year -old youngster has for several seasons a major element of his team. Recognized to be a full -fledged player, she notably scored 88 goals and delivered 80 decisive runs last season. Stine is as good a defender as he is to bring all his talent to the offensive sector. Dot with an excellent vision of the game, it will bring the audience to enjoy its precise and sharp passes.

Passing through Denmark’s U20 selection, the new Dijonnaise will have her first season outside her home country and will be present during the resumption of the professional group scheduled for the end of July. It is now linked with the JDA Dijon just in 2023.

Christophe Mazel’s reaction:

“Stine is a fast, dynamic and bright player. Its arrival has just offered our rear base and will bring us additional tactical solutions. Welcome to her! »


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