A cousin of Klay Thompson banned for life by the Warriors?

Le Youtubeeur Dawson Gurley alias BigDawsTv, sosie de Klay Thompson, can’t see the companion and never remettre les pieds au Chase Center. Explain voulu pousser le délire de in resemblance with Splash Brother and the trop loin hier, et cela n’aurait pas aux Warriors.

He claims to have managed to enter the Chase Center after passing several security checks, to find himself safely on the floor to hold a small session within 10 minutes.

He would have ended up being masked and the Warriors had quickly reported that he had been banned for life.

In addition, he promised to buy about $ 10,000 in tickets, which will not be refunded to him.

“I was banned because I passed 5 security checks (which I was voluntarily allowed to pass without asking for an identity card) and I was shot on the ground for 10 minutes. I also spent $ 10,000 on tickets that they won’t refund. Why should I be banned because their security is incompetent? »


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