a Bundesliga player was reportedly arrested in Ibiza for rape

Two 25 -year -old German activists are suspected of rape in Ibiza, following a complaint from a young woman. They were placed in pretrial detention. According to the local press, one of the suspects is an emerging footballer in the Bundesliga.

Two 25 -year -old German athletes, one of whom was a professional footballer, are suspected of rape in Ibiza. According to the information reported by the Ibiza and Formentera newspaper, The Diary et le Daily Starthe two suspects were arrested Thursday and placed in pre -trial detention without bail after being heard by an investigating judge.

Player of a premier club in Germany

A complaint was filed with the Guardia Civil (gendarmerie) by an 18 -year -old woman of Spanish nationality. She was admitted in charge at Can Misses Hospital. The events were to take place on the morning of Wednesday, June 8, at a villa not far from the airport and a highly reputable restaurant (Cova Santa), according to details released by local authorities.

The name of the footballer has not been revealed. He will play for a first -class club in the Bundesliga, the German first division, according to Ibiza and Formentera newspaper. Le Daily Star further details: the player has recently renewed his contract, and the club reportedly postponed the championship several times.

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