2024 Olympic Games: the city of Paris is in favor of the inversion between hand and basketball for the first week

La ville de Paris welcomes the proposal of the organizing committee of the Paris Olympics 2024 (COJO) to organize the first week of basketball trials at the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium in Lille and to welcome back the preliminary turn of the hand in hall 6 of the Gate of Versailles.

After the refusal of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to play in Hall 6, the city of Paris had marked its wish that the basketball trials remain in the capital. Sports deputy Pierre Rabadan, Sunday, indicated that the solution envisagée by COJO had now arrived in Paris. “We saw that potential rotation with the hand was the most logical solution to maintain the coherence of our projectas he explained. It adapts the project to the constraints of the moment. »

COJO final decision on July 12

Rabadan faces the very strong budget constraints that weigh on the COJO and, for him, it would be a good thing for Paris to be able to host the group stage. The final phases of basketball remain scheduled in Bercy and that of hand in Lille.

The final decision will be ratified at the COJO board of directors on July 12.

Last Wednesday, an arms pass was opposed, during the General Assembly of the Association of International Olympic Federations (ASOIF), FIBA ​​Secretary General Andreas Zagklis (reluctant to stay in Paris) and COJ president E . According to sources close to the case, it seems unlikely that Estanguet would have held on to his positions on hand-basketball inversion if he had not had the support of the CIO.


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